Filtration System

<Step 1> Sediment Filter - removes rust sediments and floating matters.
<STEP2>Pre Carbon Filter - removes residual chlorine and organic materials.
<STEP6>Nano Positive Filter - removes general germs,viruses,minute particles and some sorts of heavy metal(mercury,aluminum)
Filter name,fuction and replacement period



  1. Filteration capacity is the amount of filterlation by the rate of removal of chloroform etc.                              This is to get the life span of filterating systems in the purifier.

  2. The filter replacement cycle means the expected cycle(period) that the filters can perform properly. 

  3. The filter replacement may be reduced due to its high usage as its standard of cycle has been set under                   condition that the supply water is tap water with about 10L(drinking water for four people) used per day.

  4. If genuine filter is not used or if the filter is used for a prolonged period, its performance could decrease.


Filter Details